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In September 2018, Animals Need Me is hosting a major spay/neuter event with World Vets, for the third year in a row.!

More than 200 animals are going to be spayed/neutered, de-wormed and offered medical consultation during a 3 day marathon.

The project however doesn’t cover other expenses like: vaccination+identification, gasoline for 4 cars that will serve to catch/release animals for the 3 daysΒ  and refreshments (snacks+water) for 30 people for 3 days.

We would be grateful if anyone could help.

This is very important for our volunteers and animal lovers in the community of Shkodra, Albania.

Whoever wants to contribute, can do so through: anmshkoder@gmail.com Β or following this link World Vets Campaign 2018

About Our Shelter

Β Animals Need Me‘ is a group of volunteers, protecting the rights of stray dogs and cats, in the city of Shkodra, Albania.


Our efforts focus on:

  • Increasing awareness of stray animal rights.
  • Finding adoptive families.
  • Sterilization & vaccination as a method to limit their number on the street.
  • Promoting sterilization & vaccinations through education as methods to decrease the amount of stray animals on the street.
  • Fostering and treatment of emergency cases.


Our initiative is entirely voluntary and relies on the financial support of citizens and potential donors.

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