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Many dogs and cats are scheduled to fly or travel to their new families in Europe, USA or Canada.
For each of them we need to have: cages, travel documents, microchips, blood tests and airline tickets, which are very expensive to provide.
Your contribution would be greatly appreciated and would give them a true chance for a better life.
We would be grateful if anyone could help.

Paypal: anmshkoder@gmail.com



About Our Shelter

 Animals Need Me‘ is a group of volunteers, protecting the rights of stray dogs and cats, in the city of Shkodra, Albania.


Our efforts focus on:

  • Increasing awareness of stray animal rights.
  • Finding adoptive families.
  • Sterilization & vaccination as a method to limit their number on the street.
  • Promoting sterilization & vaccinations through education as methods to decrease the amount of stray animals on the street.
  • Fostering and treatment of emergency cases.


Our initiative is entirely voluntary and relies on the financial support of citizens and potential donors.

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