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All our pets are up to date on vaccines and have been dewormed.

We are more than happy to assist you with any concern involving the adoption

regarding travel and exporting the animal to your home country.



Etna was a sick little puppy when we found her near the market in Rus.

She grew up in the shelter but no one came for her.

Etna loves to play and to interact. She can be your perfect best friend.

Visit us and meet her.


He is Spotty, and he has been a stray since the house where he was being fostered was destroyed.

He walks all the streets of Shkodra and comes for lunch to the shelter.

Spotty is very smart and has quite a temper.

He loves to be the leader of the group and to run free all over the place.

An active family with a big yard would be ideal for him.


He was seven months old when we found him near the Catholic Cemetery in Shkodra.

He was heavily injured and starving. His skin had wounds and seborrheic dermatitis.

With medication, love and patience he soon recovered.

Moro was never adopted and it is so sad that during these years we could not find him a good home.

Adopt our boy! Every dog deserves a family!

Mama and Lordes

These two are mother and daughter.

Lordes was born in our shelter and Mama was a stray dog living near the shelter.

She had six babies but we couldn’t find a home for Lordes, nor for her.

They have been with us since the creation of the shelter. and are nice and calm dogs.

Please consider their adoption together as they are really attached to each other.


Sandy’s story began on November 28, 2017 when she was found on the promenade at Shiroke Lake! She was about four weeks old, sitting on the sidewalk shaking like a leaf, with a cut on her head, her skin flaking and odorous, with apparent malnutrition to the  point of death. She weighed about 1kg. It was a cold and windy day and one of our caring friends picked her up and took her to our veterinarian. She was checked over and administered the first of three rounds of injections for her skin disease.

The next three would come once every 20 days. She was taken home by the foster lady who found her, nourished  and over the next three months her condition improved immensely. She has now been given all her vaccinations and is on the way to becoming a beautiful dog, full of energy and a newfound lease on life.

She is about 9 months old,  her fur is soft, shiny and full! She loves taking a bath, being pampered and playing. She’s very active and loves being caressed. The time has come for her to find her forever home. She would be most adaptable in a home with a yard. 

If you fall in love with Sandy and are outside Albania we can provide you with all the assistance necessary to make the adoption easy and transportation to your home country a breeze, so don’t let that stop you! If you are in Albania and are interested in Sandy contact us to schedule a visit!


Sweet Layla was found by a teenager animal lover in the city of Lezha.

She is blind and was lying hidden in a corner of the street. We were touched by her condition and we welcomed her into the shelter.

At first she was shy and lacked confidence in the new environment, but now she plays joyfully with her friends and she is such a sweetie.

Layla is a small sized dog and we hope with all our heart that she could find a family who would accept her for what she is.

Adopt Layla or be her Guardian Angel!


Effi was one of the puppies who entered the shelter with the hope of being adopted and receive a better life.

But until now we have not had any requests for him, even though he is such a handsome boy.

Effi is a medium-big dog that needs to receive the attentions of a true family. A home with a garden would be perfect for him.

Adopt Effi! Don’t let him live in a shelter cage forever!


Dodo came into our shelter for the neuter campaign. He had a collar so tight around his neck and the left-over of a rope which was used to tie him with.

We assume that he was abandoned from the village areas.

He was so skinny that we decided not to release him to the streets anymore.

He is gentle, calm and waits patiently for his meal. He really deserves to be taken care of by a loving family.

Give Dodo a chance!


Vicky is such a lovely dog.

She just came into the shelter and never left.

Her most deliberate characteristic: she loves food so much that she will eat in everybody’s plate and she will invite herself anywhere she smells it.

Vicky needs a family, a very active one, where she can be loved and spoiled all the time. πŸ™‚ Come and meet her!


Aurora was a sick little puppy living in Shiroka, when we took her to the shelter. She has grown up to be a beautiful dog. She is energetic and super healthy. In a group of dogs, she tends to dominate, that is why her ideal family would be one with no other animals. Help Aurora find the love she deserves. Adopt her or be her Guardian Angel!


Our poor Sindi has been with us since the opening of the shelter. She is a free spirit that loves to run and play. Unfortunately she was infected with leishmania. She lost weight and appetite and had to spend one month in the “Putrat” Vet clinic to recover.  She is better now, but this illness needs to be controlled periodically. We know that she will not be adopted in Albania, nor can we release her back to the street, ever! Please, help us through our Guardian Angel program so that you may adopt her from your home country.


Nemo was 6 months when she was hit by a car near our shelter. One of the volunteers saw her unable to move in the middle of the street and immediately took her in.

She was in pain for several days and couldn’t move her back legs. We feared she might need an amputation because of the bad condition of her left leg. But with the proper medication, rest, good food and caresses, she was healed within 5 weeks.

Nemo deserves to have a family and lots of love. Please, help us find her a forever home!


This shy girl is called Drita. In English means ”Light”. We gave her this name because her eyes are full of light which can hypnotize you.

Drita was 8 months old when she came into our shelter. We tried to get her sooner but she was so scared of humans that we had to ask for professional help in order to catch her.

Several injuries in her body, mange and signs of a survived distemper had marked her behavior. She is a handicapped and prefers to stay inside the kennel when visitor come.

She really was reborn in the shelter and we hope with all our heart to find somebody special for her.

We want to thank Doris for being her ”Guardian Angel”!


Pluto is a 3 year old male Setter. He belonged to a family who abandoned him and was raised in the street. As is common with hunting dogs they are adopted or purchased for large sums of money and thrown away when the owner/hunter realizes he’s not cut out for the job, without even thinking that dog himself feels lost.

Pluto was hopelessly wandering the streets of Shkodra. He was brought to the shelter in February 2017, was neutered, vaccinated, received treatment for scabies and is now in very good condition. He is a very sweet and loving dog!


Milo is 11 years old. This handsome furry friend just walked in the shelter and never left. He doesn’t like to interact much with other dogs or humans, but we believe this is due to his tough life in the street before or because he misses a true family.

He has been with us since 2014,  he was super healthy and is neutered and vaccinated. Milo is available for adoption and if you wish to know more about him, feel free to contact us. We would like to thank Aldo for being his “Guardian Angel“!


We found Drini lying hopeless on the sidewalk of the Industrial Area in Shkodra. He couldn’t move and it was clear that he was blind.

From a scared, disoriented, skinny dog, he bloomed into a truly beautiful animal with a majestic posture that amazes everyone.

He has been with us since January 2016. Drini is looking for a forever home or “Guardian Angel”. Would you be his mommy or daddy?


Juki is 9 years old. He lost his leg due to a car accident and has been with us since November 2014. In the summer of 2017 he was affected by Leishmania and treated like his other 5 friends. Now he is doing very good.

He is been sponsored by his Guardian Angel Aida and we are very thankful to her. Juki deserves to be happy and have a true family. He is sweet, generous and likes to take care of his other friends in his kennel. Such a good boy!


The shyest girl in the gang is 3 years old. We found her and her other 5 brothers and sisters thrown near the Buna Bridge. They were terrified.  Four of them were quickly adopted, while Orsa and her sister Liana remained behind.

Orsa likes to eat her meal separately so you should make an effort to gain her trust. Unfortunately she was affected by Leishmania but with the proper medication for 1 whole month she fully recovered.

Adopting a dog with Leishmania here was impossible due to the high cost of medications and the risk to pass it off to humans. That’s why we encourage sponsoring one or our pets through the “Guardian Angel” Program.


Noela has been with us since June 2015. She was a sick puppy living near the Train Station in Shkodra. She might have had an accident because of an infected wound in her leg when we found her. This wound had created a fistula. She was medicated and she is doing just fine now.

She already has a sponsor that was touched by her story and we are so thankful to her!

Noela is available for adoption and we hope to get her a forever family.


Lupo was very sick when we rescued him that we considered euthanasia. One year ago he had opened wounds all over his body, was shaking from distemper and couldn’t walk. He started to eat little by little and regaining his strength the days passed by.

He was fully recovered within 45 days and since then we tried very hard to place him in a forever home without success.

In our culture it is extremely hard to adopt adult dogs that’s why we are asking anyone who sees this post to consider Lupo. He would be  a great addition to your family!


Luli was like the palm of a hand, shaking and crying when he was found. He later survived a virus. Despite our publishing on social media we couldn’t find an adoptive family for him. Luli is a very nice dog that loves to cuddle. You are welcome to visit our shelter and meet him! Adopt Luli!


Kika is now 3 years old. She was a little puppy when we rescued her. She didn’t have many requests for adoption so she has been with us ever since. Kika is calm and very shy. Her brown eyes show all her sweetness. She is spayed and vaccinated.

Don’t let her live forever in the shelter! Become her first and last family!


This is our pretty boy, Bepin. He was victim of human stupidity at an early age. Someone cut his ears when he was 2 months old and abandoned him at our shelter.

He is funny, smart and really loves to cuddle.It would be wonderful if he could find a real family, with a yard so that he could play and run free.

Consider our boy as your pet! Give him a chance!


Kercimtarja in English means Dancer.  Three years ago we found her in the middle of the street, unable to move. We surely thought she was hit by a car and immediately called the vet.

We learned she had distempter and was successfully treated, although she still has minor tremors. In spite of it all she is super healthy. Kercimtarja is 7 years old and we believe she never had a family. She likes to be free, take walks and of course, good food. πŸ™‚

She is looking for a forever family or a “Guardian Angel”

Please consider being a sponsor for our Dancer! 


Juna is 3 years old. She was a sick puppy with mange, living in very bad conditions in the street. One of the volunteers took very good care of her until she became this wonderful lady that she is today. Juna is playful and full of energy. She is ideal for families with children or people with an active life. Our dream is for her to find a very good forever home!


We met Lucky 4 years ago. His skinny and wet body smelled like mange and he had two stinky wounds in his groin. He didn’t walk because he was terrified. His ears had been brutally cut off and he was scared of humans.

At the time, we didn’t have a shelter and we fostered him in a kennel near an abandoned house in Gjuhadol. After being regularly fed and treated he gained confidence in himself and became autonomous to live in the street.

We brought him to the shelter with the first spay/neuter project and here is what he considers his home.

We are looking for a family for Lucky that has a yard which won’t constrain him but gives him the right space to live. If that is not possible we would love to have someone be his “Guardian Angel”.



An adorable, sweet and faithful setter, spayed and vaccinated.

She suffers staying at the shelter because she constantly needs love and attention, especially since she lost all her puppies. She consoles herself by hugging other puppies and sleeping next to them. ?

Please, adopt this magnificent creature.β™₯️


We don’t know the complete story of Rudi but what we do know is that human indifference towards sick dogs leads to this.

Rudi was a poor dog living on Ajasem street. Her life was reduced to casual eating and frustrating skin scratching and itchy wounds. As of April 9, Rudi started a new chapter.

We took her and ran a leishmania test, that turned out positive. We put all our efforts into raising money to get her the medication she needed. Now we are so happy that she is healthy again.

Rudi is looking for a forever family but chances in Albania are zero for cases like her. Help us find her one!

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