About Us

Oli Pero

Oli Pero

Founder "Animals Need Me"

Animals Need Me started as a Facebook page in 2012, managed by two young animal lovers in Shkodra, Albania.

Due to the conditions witnessed of the stray animals in their city, they decided to stand up and do something for them. It all started by fostering puppies and kittens and publishing their stories on FB for adoption. Many people liked the page and some of them even offered to help by donating food or money needed to purchase medications, and from there a whole network was formed.

Oli Pero, the founder of Animals Need Me, is very passionate about the foundation she founded:

”Because of cultural gaps in animal treatment and lack of a proper animal protection law, the work in this field was never easy. This is a full time job performed entirely on a volunteer basis and consisting of persistence, compassion, strength of character, vision and perseverance. Never having given up on the mission or we will all be forgotten by now.”

”We seek for passionate animals lovers to join us and help us not only rescue strays in difficult conditions, but also promote a new culture of adoptions and compassion for cats and dogs in Albania.”

Izabela Sala

Manager “Animals Need Me”

Izabela is a hard working student that manages the every day duties of the shelter consisting of roughly 70 stray dogs. She joined ‘Animals Need Me’ in November 2014 and since then has been front and center at the rescue shelter.

”Few people can understand what we do daily until they come to the shelter and see for themselves all the energy that is invested in this mission. The hardest part of all is changing the mentality on stray dogs that are often mistreated” says Izabela.

Our Volunteers

We would like to thank all our volunteers – Rubin, Julita, Verina, Erza, Selma, Nuncia, Sidola, Bjorn, Helio and Arsida for being there each day and all the people that have donated since 2012, giving us the opportunity to continue to help all the animals in need in Albania.

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