Success Stories


This wonderful Teddy bear was one of the latest rescues when Dawn of  ISDF came to visit our shelter in May 2018.

She was sure she could find him a good home quickly and so she decided to take him with her.

Now Teddy is adopted by Matt who has proven to be the greatest dad ever.


She is one of our biggest love stories.

She came in our shelter when she was 6 weeks old. We never had a request for her adoption but we never gave up.

She had a hard period when the neighbors poisoned four of our dogs. She was the only one who survived.

Since then we strived to find her a very good family.

Thanks to Abby and Dawn from the ISDF she is now adopted and we can follow her new life through the ISDF.

She deserves to be happy and loved.


Lule, in Albanian means flower.

We gave her this name for her delicacy.

Someone must have abandoned her near the door of our shelter.

She was so lucky to be adopted by a family in Chicago.

She now goes to the dog beach, plays with her friends and runs in the morning with her new mom. She has also her Instagram account.

Such a superstar!



Miss Mimi, was a little girl when we found her. She had parvo and she fought so much for her life.

The days passed but no one came for her in the shelter, even though she is a very kind and smart dog.

Mimi and her best friend Lilo, went to the same foster home in Austria until they were adopted in their respective families.

Many thanks to Pro Qen Albania for giving them the chance for a better life.


This sweet dog was living near the Buna river. Two tourists fell in love with him while he followed them everywhere.

They contacted us to help them acquire the necessary documents needed to travel.

He is in Germany now, far away from the hard life a stray is forced to have in order to survive.

Adopt a stray dog!


Her name Shpresa means Hope. She is a true survivor.

The owners left her at the clinic for dead and told the vet to euthanize her. They left without even inquiring as to whether she was euthanized.

The vet insisted on keeping her alive. She took fluids for several days until she started eating and when she got stronger, he had to amputate her leg.

Look at Shpresa now, relaxing in her new home in Austria.

Thank you Carina for giving her this chance, Pro Qen Albania for the connection and transport and Dr. Rubin without whose good work, dedication and persistence she wouldn’t be alive!


This picture of Paris makes us smile. He is dead tired from playing with his ball. ?

Maybe no one remembers how we found him. He was a victim of violence. Someone broke his leg by beating him with the pretext that Paris ruined his shoes. Soon enough he recovered but no one was asking for him. He is the sweetest dog ever, gentle and nice.

He traveled with Pro Qen Albania to Austria, where he was adopted by a very good family.

We love to receive his updates from time to time.


This old blind boy was abandoned by his owners. He was terrified and hopeless. How could they think that he could survive on the streets as a stray? We felt very sorry for him and took him to the shelter. We knew that the chances for an adoption in Albania were zero, and that’s why Pro Qen Albania, worked very hard to find him a home in Austria.

This sweetheart has now nothing to worry about, but to enjoy his new life among people that love him.


This big boy has a heart of gold.

Two friends of Animals Need Me and Pro Qen Albania from Switzerland, fell in love with him and promised to adopt him.

He stayed in our shelter for five months until we found a possibility to send him to his new family.

It melts our heart to see him with his puppet friend. We are grateful that this beautiful boy is comfortable and loved.

Adoption matters!


Two years ago someone called us because a dog was laying beneath a tree and was in distress, shaking and having difficulties breathing. She was about to give birth and we took her to a safe place. Only one of her babies survived but she served as mom for other abandoned puppies.

Mama is unable to walk properly, due to a past case of distemper. She lived in Pet Shop Best Friends for two years, until she was adopted in Austria.

Now she runs free and happy in her new home, were she is loved and nurtured.

Thank you Pro Qen Albania  for the opportunity!


This poor pup was abandoned twice. 

The second time, he was hit by a car and we found him near a tree, unable to move. 

He recovered in a month, but we didn’t receive any requests for him. Thanks to our partner, Pro Qen Albania, he found a home in Austria.

His best friend is a horse. ?


The same story for Effi…

It is very difficult to find responsible adopteees in Albania.

He came as a pup and stayed over one year in our shelter until he was adopted from Austria.

We wish him a happy life!


Sweet Lilo and her brother were two sick puppies when we rescued them. 

They recovered quickly and her brother got adopted. Lilo waited and waited but no one came. 

Again, Pro Qen Albania intermediated for her adoption and we are so happy to see her treated as a princess


He was an abandoned dog argentino. We found him near the Buna Bridge in Shkodra.

He was skinny and sick with mange. Even with medication his skin wouldn’t recover as he had developed allergies.

Pit stayed with us for seven months. Thanks to Pro Qen Albania he was so lucky to be adopted in Austria.

We are all very happy with the good progress he has made. He now has a family that loves him and has made a lot of new friends


Oh, you will read a lot of cinematic scenarios on how people abandon their pet. Brisi was just a two month old puppy when two tourists saw her being thrown from the window of a car. They took her and brought her to us. Her skin had many problems and she had parvo.

One of our volunteers, Izabela, took very good care of her and she gained strength soon. One day Brisi disappeared from the foster home and showed up one year later. Her ears were cut by some irresponsible person.

Brisi is now adopted and happy in Chicago, thanks to International Stray Dog Foundation.


She was six months old when she was hit by a car, near the border at Muriqan. She had lost her left paw and we had to amputate the leg a bit further.

She stayed in our shelter for six months. She was spayed and vaccinated and we had a request for her to be adopted in Italy. One day before the flight, the lady changed her mind and I cannot tell you how much we were disappointed. That day we decided that she would stay at the house of the founder of this group, not in the shelter any more. Two years passed and she received a sponsorship by a very nice lady in Austria. It took a while for her to decide to adopt her for good. The home she went to and her new mom are a dream come true to every animal activist. She takes lessons every week, she goes to bars and restaurants, plays with the cats, runs happy in the snow and she is treated like a princess.

Thank you Karin for adopting her! We will be forever grateful!


She was found on the street in very poor condition and close to dying. She was dehydrated and no will to survive. She also had a very bad skin disease.

We found Ziggie and brought her to the shelter, she was barely 2 months old.

After a series of interventions to restore her health, including sterilization and vaccinations and her 3 month recovery period she was adopted by a German family and is now living in Germany, happy and healthy.

Teddy & Riki

These two poochies have a similar story to tell.

They were both unfortunate sick little puppies with mange. We don’t know how they would have survived on the streets.

They were properly treated and they were soon adopted in Albania. They are fine in their respective families and we are very happy for them.

Adopt a stray dog in need! Save a life!


Little FOXY was so skinny, sick with mange, the parvo virus and a rectal prolapse when we found him.

There were days when we feared for his life. Many people took very good care of him.

One of the friends of Pro Qen Albania came to visit our shelter and fell in love with Foxy. He was fully adopted November  2017 and is really happy in his new home.

Our handsome boy was very lucky and we wish to have many more chances like this for all his friends.


She was 12 years old and freshly abandoned at the age of 10.

She didn’t know how to find her food and her conditions were heartbreaking.

She was underweight (4 kg) and diagnosed with heart worms. But she was really lucky!

When Aleksandra heard about her story, she decided immediately to adopt her, and there she is, happy with her new family in Italy. 🙂

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