Success Stories

LEXY was 6 months old when she was hit by a car, near the border with Montenegro in Muriqan. She had lost her left hind paw and we had to partially amputate her leg. She stayed in the shelter for 6 months. She was spayed and vaccinated and we had a request for her to be adopted in Italy. One day before the flight, the adoptee changed her mind and we cannot express how disappointed we were. That day we decided that she would stay at the house of the founder of this group and no longer in the shelter.

After 2 years she received a sponsorship from a very lovely lady in Austria. It took a while until her ultimate decision to adopt her for good. The home she went to and her new mommy are a dream come true to every animal activist. She takes lessons every week, she goes to bars and restaurants, plays with the cats, runs happily in the snow and she is treated like a princess. Thank you Karin for adopting her. We will be forever grateful!

ZIGGIE was found on the street in very poor condition and close to dying. She was dehydrated and no will to survive. She also had a very bad skin disease. We found Ziggie and brought her to the shelter, she was barely 2 months old. After a series of interventions to restore her health, including sterilization and vaccinations and her 3 month recovery period she was adopted by a German family and is now living in Germany, happy and healthy.

TEDDY and RIKI have a similar story to tell. They were both unfortunate sick little puppies with mange. We don’t know how they would have survived on the streets.

They were properly treated and they were soon adopted in Albania. They are fine in their respective families and we are very happy for them.

Adopt a stray dog in need! Save a life!

Little FOXY was so skinny, sick with mange, the parvo virus and a rectal prolapse when we found him. There were days when we feared for his life. Many people took very good care of him. One of the friends of Pro Qen Albania came to visit our shelter and fell in love with Foxy. He was fully adopted this November and is really happy in his new home. Our handsome boy was very lucky and we wish to have many more chances like this for all his friends.




SUNNY  is 12 years old. She was freshly abandoned at the age of 10. She didn’t know how to find her food and her conditions were heartbreaking. She was underweight (4 kg) and diagnosed with heart worms. But she was really lucky! When Aleksandra heard about her story, she decided immediately to adopt her, and there she is, happy with her new family in Italy. 🙂

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